Dress Code

Please note the dress code for visiting Qatar, as it would be a shame to offend anyone whilst you are over here, and will save you some problems and possible embarrassing moments when you are out and about with the general populous. Men must not wear vest tops or shorts that finish too high above the knee, and women are advised to dress modestly by keeping their shoulders covered (T-shirts acceptable out and about and in most places, but would advise long sleeves if visiting the Souq/Museums etc) and should not wear skirts/shorts above the knee. Definitely no tummy exposure whilst out and about unless on the beach or in confines of hotel!

Unmarried/Married Couples

Another important point to mention, is that Qatar law forbids unmarried couples to sleep in the same room, so it is very important that you can provide documentary proof that you are married when you check in as we will be unable to let you stay here if you cannot present it.  This will not only cause you embarrassment and a huge amount of unnecessary stress, but it will also mean you will still have to pay for the first night's stay here. We would hate anyone travelling all the way here to find they could not check in because they were unaware of this law.